Date: 2016-11-20 08:59 pm (UTC)
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Thanks for these pictures especially the last one. Ginkgo leaves? Good with the clover. The time before the time before last I went to London I walked with a friend along by the Thames and we found an alleyway that ended in some steps down to the water and also in the alleyway was a ginkgo tree. That's how I remember it anyway. The tree was somewhere near the water and I think it was in that alleyway. The last time I went to London I met a French Rastafarian and a Romanian wrestler with bust-up knuckles and a woman from Egypt with tall hair. I missed the last train home and tried to sleep sitting up in a bus shelter by Waterloo Station but my clothes were wet and it was cold so I got up and walked for a few hours in the dark no-one else around everywhere famous I'd never been before back and forth across the river the place where the first Globe was and Tower Bridge and the Tower itself I read all the information signs for tourists and I walked past some old churches and a boxing gym with clovers on the sign outside it and a replica of an old ship and when the sun had come up I snuck into the churchyard of St Magnus the Martyr to take a piss because there wasn't really anywhere else and in the back right-hand corner of the churchyard as I remember it was a ginkgo tree. This summer in this city I made a trip across town every Wednesday evening and I cut through a kind of shabby and neglected car park round the back of some shops in a part of town I don't really know and the first time I walked through it was still spring I guess and I saw a bare tree growing at the edge of the car park and it looked kind of like a young elm in its spindliness but the bark was wrong and I couldn't work out what it was then I noticed some tiny leaves just unfurling and I thought they looked like they could be ginkgo leaves but I couldn't completely believe that a ginkgo tree would be growing there round the back of some shops next to an old abandoned-looking car but every week I walked past the tree and it proved itself to be a ginkgo. And I guess you know those trees are related to nothing still around like Basque which makes them kind of mysterious and maybe you know about how the second g in the name is just a mistake that never got fixed. Sorry for all of this if the leaves are from something else!

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