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The man who was punching asian women in the face randomly turns out to be a man who goes by the name Mr. Talented. The Times is reporting that he posted a suicide note on his blog, but it's more of a suicide note, it's almsot a suicide blog: "THANK EVERYONE FOR SUPPORTING MY IDEAS! I LOVE YOU AND I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER. ALSO I’VE SCHEDULED POSTS TO MY BLOG- SO FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS I’LL BE POSTING FROM THE OTHER SIDE." But almost more bizare is how the "punching women in the face" thing came out of what almost seems like an art project. At least, as he describes it in today's post "Why I decided to leave this earth." He chatted up 1,500 asian women over 350 days, and got no responses, so after a time the discouragement is too much and he decides to start playing "the Nose Game." This involves hitting the women in the nose if they don't respond.

I want to say something about the art game, or maybe the culture of creativity that leads people to think they can make a living gluing dice together into bow ties --- and almost succeeding. But that's not enough, is it. Or am I worried that every Brookylnite out there who has hobbies and eccentricities is potentially a Tyrelle D. Shaw. Because I am worried about that, I am very distrustful of creatives and individualists. They seem to feel entitled to something. Answers, attention.

A suicide blog. This is straight out of Clickbait.

Update: they found him, four days later, dead in an elevator shaft

Date: 2015-06-18 08:17 am (UTC)
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When artists' rent rises artists' art veers weird?

Were these Asian women not responding even slightly? Because that is hilarious. Probably not in a way that can be represented un-racistly, but perhaps if the racism is ridiculous? Like the first Asian woman he hits on finds him so annoying she calls a secret Asian woman congress meeting to hash out a white imbecile policy going forward, and everyone argues about whether they should play dead or blow a whistle or what, and someone says "If we do nothing at all he'll be scared and go away!" and they eventually agree to this. But when it starts getting them punched (perhaps he gets wind of this? A spy? A racist sexist disguise?) they call another crisis meeting and someone else has the idea that they let it keep happening so that it exposes the stupidity of Brooklyny art hipsters, who it turns out are all always hitting on them and who they despise worse than anything, and it turns out that the ouncher really does kill himself and no one cares so they have to fake that he's still alive to rack the numbers up, so an Asian woman puts on whiteface and dickface in glorious self-sacrifice. And then any number of things could happen - she could lose herself in the role, or even be converted by whatever ravings and art thingies she finds after moving into his apartment, or she gets racistly annoyed independently at the coldness of Asian women after seeing it from the outside, or it gets out of hand in some other way because people start to feel they were punched a little too hard because maybe other resentments have gotten dovetailed in that reveal fractures in the assumed-by-racists monolithicity of the Asian woman world, and maybe a schism along country-of-origin lines could come up here (in all secret meetings those addressing the body must begin perorations with "Citizenesses of Asia") or maybe the secret and varying levels of hipster art potential in Asian women cause the feud, since some think it's time to stop as soon as the hipster looks bad but others want to see just how far this can go and just what grander statements can be made and abstract social issues unearthed and it ends with some kind of insane Asian woman civil war where they attack each other with whatever the stereotypes are. Aloofness? Piano lessons? Disgusting ingredients snuck into dim sum? Insults based on golden oreos? Public shaming of those taking white boyfriends? Various anime matters well beyond me? Something mean about math, like a disagreement of how to calculate the votes hence will of the congress - minutiae about pluralities vs majorities or something? Any racist thing thus brought up exaggerated so ridiculously, and with such pointed reference to whatever cultural insecurity created or thrives on keeping prominent the stereotype, that any offense is rendered absurd, but with the exaggerations simultaneously bringing the representation itself into the same nutfuck artspace as the punchings where the giddy freedom to follow through on manic transgressive whim is set against all the many straitlaced and nice person reasons to never ever do that, but the straiter the lacings the giddier the freedom once you've tasted it - so art as power vs. art as message, and how your message can be that art is power, but how the main message learned by everyone exposed to that power is that too much power is as nutfuck as too much message. Or whatever note is most interesting to end on.

Sanrioesque papering over of mouths should be involved in the provocative non-response phase.

Date: 2015-06-19 04:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
One look at Bye Felipe suggests this is not limited to artists. Also I think this has veered into serious mental health stuff, rather than art? But maybe you're kidding. I mean maybe if it were a harmless slap or soft punch, but the guy had a rock in a bag?

Date: 2015-06-19 05:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Clearly mental health (did you see him meticulously take pictures of drinking 8 different types of bottled water per day?). But I'm resisting talking about mental health because it tends to end all society-level questions, and yeah course what this really is is another symptom of the man-first movement that we saw with Elliott Rodgers last year, where men assault women for rejection. It's awful, and systemic.

But when I noticed this particular misogynist was a New York hipster, who friends described as handsome and friendly if a bit "eager to please," it got me thinking whether the the hustle-or-die mentality of this current "creative" generation is breeding a narcissism that can so easily turn dangerous. Believing in one's own worth as a creative individual turning into demanding others' respect turning into punishing others. How many New York creatives do I know who are petty and vindictive and easily prone to offense? All of them.

What does that have to do with misogyny? Nothing, other than that they tend to go together as types of self-perpetuating selfishness.

I'm half-joking here, but I am genuinely afraid that some of those harmless esthetes out there are going to one day flip out and hurt people. It seems like a logical progression of self-empowerment.

I really hope he hasn't been hanging under an elevator for two days.

The devil, the black hole, the end-of-it-all, of both life and art is solipsism. Art gets to flirt with that solipsism in the hopes of, hopefully, bringing something back for the rest of us. The danger is in falling in.

Date: 2015-06-20 07:55 pm (UTC)

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